Water in the Wilderness

In this book, his fourth, Bartle Logie follows the course of one of the Eastern Cape's most historic rivers - the Great Fish - from its source in the Nardouberg northwest of Cradock, as it winds its way through the arid Karoo into Frontier country and completes its 500 km journey to the Indian Ocean.

A raconteur of note, Bartle brings to life stories of those who have stood on its banks (once the official boundary of the old Cape Colony) and have drunk its life-giving water - the early Khoisan, the Xhosa, Boer and Brit.

Soldiers and farmers, hunters and warriors, writers and naturalists – all these and many others have tales to tell, and Logic uncovers a wealth of local history as he follows the river, at times through some of the remotest parts of the Eastern Cape.

The river's natural environment - its wildlife and plants, including the unique subtropical thicket vegetation and its possible future - come under the spotlight. For anyone who has enjoyed Bartle Logic's previous books, or would like to discover more about this fascinating river, its past, its people, its politics - this one is for you.

This book is now out of print

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